What is a Unity Sand Wedding?

A wedding sand ceremony is a type of unity ceremony where it expresses the coming together of two people or families into a single family. This would be a simple idea which can be powerful. Every individual also has different colored sand and will take turns in pouring it to one clear vessel, which will form a layered effect. There are cases sometimes to where it's only the couple's that participates and sometimes the children of the couple or parents will join with their own colored sand and adds layers of colors and express the harmony of the whole family. See the best information about wedding sand ceremony in here.

Unity sand ceremonies are based on the unity candle where a bride and groom will light a central candle. However, with a candle, the flame will eventually blow out. An advantage of sand ceremonies is that there's a lasting memento that you could display in your home. Also, sand is a better choice for outdoor weddings because the wind is a less concern compared to a candle.

How Unity Sand Ceremonies Work

The first thing is where the officiant will say a few words regarding the ceremony and also its meaning. They will then hand each person a vase of colored sand. Learn more about wedding sand ceremony at www.unitysand.net.

The groom will then start through pouring its hand into the central vase.

After that, the second person (the bride), will pour her sand to the central vase that will help form a second layer.

When there are other family members who are participating, they will pour their sand to the central vase. When it is only the couple who are participating, they will each add another layer to the vase.

In finishing it, everyone will pour at the same time that will form a mix of colors at the top which will represent the united family. Some couples prefers to reserve the last step for themselves and there are others that includes the entire family. You should bear in mind that the more people that you include, the more difficult it will be for all to pour at the same time. Find out more info now about wedding sand ceremony at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/rev-laurie-sue-brockway/sand-ceremony-helps-blend_b_6544248.html.

When does it Occur?

There are actually no strict rules about it. A couple may choose to place this at any point in their wedding ceremony and may also be a separate ritual at the reception. However, the most popular time would be immediately following the ring exchange and vows. This will be able to allow the sand ceremony to feel like a culmination of the ritual after joining in the marriage.